Abhinav Kumar
4 min readMar 8, 2021


The Ultimate Killing Machine

If you too love espionage stories ,you must have heard about Mossad . Israel, a country with a population of just 90.5 lakhs has the planet’s most badass intelligence agency i.e. Mossad. David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel formed Mossad on December 13 , 1949 appointing Reuven Shiloah as it’s first chief . David Ben-Gurion was a sharp and visionary Prime Minister , he knew that Israel being surrounded by enemies like Jordan ,Syria, Egypt , Palestine ,Iraq is very alarming for the nation’s security , so he wanted to found a intelligence based panel whose only duty should be to eliminate all enemies of Israel . Mossad is only answerable to PM of Israel .

Mossad is also known as” killing machine” of Israel. Israel never forget and forgive their enemies and they are the master in doing covert operations .The headquarter of Mossad is in Tel Aviv-Yafo. Being a intelligence agency ,most of the information about it’s works is not available in public domain . Approx 7000 agents of Mossad are actively working all over the globe and each agents are no less than a one man army. It’s annual budget is US$2.73 billion.

Mossad basically is an antidote of terrorism and crime , their code of conduct for the elimination of their enemies is very accurate and brutal.Israel is a country of innovations , they are highly advanced in weapon industry . Israel is one of the largest exporter of weapons and India is it’s one of the biggest consumer . A fully functional institution is working for Mossad with the motive of research and development of new technology for weapons , chemical and bio-technology advancement .India’s intelligence panel RAW and MOSSAD share a good relationship and under the leadership of Honourable PM of India Narendra Modi , MOSSAD and RAW is working for the destruction of Pakistan terrorism .

THE KIDON — It is an assassination unit of Mossad under which highly professional agents are trained for assassinating the antagonist. The members of the team are mysterious to the outer world along with most of the members of Mossad .

There was a time when Iran was developing nuclear weapons which was potential threat to Israel ,so Mossad was given the task around 2005 to demolish all the nuclear programs of Iran and in order to execute this , they killed 6 major scientist of Iran’s nuclear project. One of the main objective of Mossad is to create fear and terror among its rivals and they do it by innovating different methods of killing , for instance ,they killed Iran’s scientist Yasir Arafat of PLO by radioactive polonium in his toothbrush , imagine their ultimate level of espionage .They have their sources in each and every major organisation of the planet .

Some of the most famous operations of MOSSAD are :

Wrath of God (began in 1972) — 11 members of Israeli olympic team were killed by 8 members of Palestinian terrorist group Black September .A covert operation was initiated by Israeli government and Mossad to assassinate all the individuals alleged in the massacre by shooting 11 bullets to every combatant.

Olympic team of Israel

Operation Entebbe(began in 1976) — Two members of the PFLP-EO hijacked an airline with 248 passengers ,the plane flew for Paris from Tel Aviv was diverted from Athens to Entebbe , Uganda. The dictator of Uganda Idi Amin supported the hijackers , they mutually demanded to free militants imprisoned in Israel but Mossad and Israel Defence Forces carried out the mission successfully without leaving any of the rivals.

Idi Amin

Operation Diamond(1963–1966) — It was an operation which shows the real power and dare of Mossad all over the globe . Mossad was instructed to capture soviet-built Mig-21, the most advanced Russian war plane at that time . The plane landed at an air base in Israel on August 16,1966 .Later on, Israel and US used it to study the design of the plane.